Megan's Gear Recommendations

If you're new to the lap steel world, you're gonna want a few accessories to round out your Electro-Liege arsenal. Here are my personal tried-and-true gear recommendation:

  • Scheerhorn Slide

    This stainless steel slide has been my slide of choice for over 15 years. I still have the first Scheerhorn slide I ever got (a gift from sister Rebecca) and

    Scheerhorn Slide 
  • ProPik Finger Picks

    These are really comfortable. I use brass on my middle finger and nickle on my index finger.

  • Zookies Thumbpick

    Another piece that I've been using for years; the Zookies thumbpick comes in 10, 20, and 30 degree angled tips. I use the 10 and 20 degree.

  • Strap

    You'll need a special strap to stand with the lap steel. You can get a dobro strap or an accessory to retrofit a regular strap like THIS


My Favorite Electronics

  • Tube Screamer

    First, an overdrive pedal is a MUST in my opinion. There's so many great options, but bang-for-buck you can't go wrong with an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer.

  • TB Drive

    Another great option by Tyler Bryant and Rodenberg Amplification, the TB Drive Shakedown Special is currently on my board.

    TB Drive 
  • Royal Jelly

    This fuzz pedal by Beetronics is sweet as honey. I love to use this pedal in the studio.

    Royal Jelly 
  • Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

    This pedal has been a mainstay on my board for many, many years.

    Ernie Ball VP 
  • Fender Deluxe Amplifier

    Plug it in and crank it up! So simple!

    Fender Deluxe Amplifier